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Bing Ads Kit

Get abundant quantities of traffic by utilizing our results-driven and affordable Bing Ads Kit. We, at Meeraqe, assist businesses to reach their ideal audiences and drive quality traffic and conversions.

Price :


6 Months

4 Experienced Professionals

24/7 Support


Reach More Audiences, Increase Brand Awareness and ROAS with Our Bing Ads Kit

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Reach high intent prospects, receive more engagement, and get a higher CTR with our granular Bing Ads approach. We understand the importance of using the right strategies to conduct an effective Bing ad campaign and have helped many businesses maximize their results by doing so. Through our budget-friendly Bing ad services, Meeraqe’s ad specialists create a successful marketing strategy to maximize the impact of your ads and position your brand for long-term, sustainable success.

By planning Bing Ads extension in terms of targeting parameters such as location, time zone, language and age, you can improve the performance of your ad campaign and achieve significant results. 


To smoothly run the campaign and maximize its performance, avoid ad-related potential pitfalls by maintaining additional settings at the ad group level with us. This way, by getting granular control, we assist you with making the most out of your ad groups and reaching out to the intended audience at the right time and place. 


Plans Table :Bing Ads Kit

Group 117
FeaturesButterfly (Basic Plan)
Hummingbird (Intermediate Plan)
Sparrow (Advanced Plan)
Eagle (Enterprise Plan)
Platforms Covered
Minimum Spending Budget1500$/Month4500$/Month7500$ +/MonthCustomized
Competition Analysis
Google Ads Account Setup
Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics Goal Tracking
Initial Campaign Strategy Development
Number of Campaigns25 Unlimited Customized
Ad Copies Creation510UnlimitedCustomized
Display Ads Banner Design 22Unlimited Customized
Landing Page Copy Writing
Landing Page Optimization
Location based targeting
Keyword optimizatonOnce a week3 - 4 time per weekDailyCustomized
Campaign OptimizationDailyDailyDailyCustomized
Strategic Bid management
Traffic, Clicks & Leads MonitoringTwice a weekDailyDailyCustomized
Ad Extention and Sitelinks
PPC Remarkreting Ads
Campaign Performance report SharingWeeklyDailyDailyCustomized
Dedicated Account Manager
Expert Opinion for Optimal Goal Conversions
Sales Ads & More

Types of Ads We Can Run for Your Brand

Group 117

Get More Reach with Microsoft Display Advertising

Capture the audience’s attention, create brand awareness, and generate leads by placing your ads on websites and apps. Get more reach by targeting people who are most relevant to your business.

Let Your Audience Find You with Search Ads

Nurture your audience and leads by providing appropriate solutions to their queries based on a target criterion through our Bing search advertising services. We improve your campaign's performance by planning a comprehensive search-marketing strategy and using relevant keywords.

Interact More with Your Audience Through Video Ads

Entertain, inform, and engage your audience through Bing video ads. We assist you with creating interactive video ads containing every bit of information and solution they are seeking.

App Install Ads

Drive app downloads by providing a direct app download link and highlighting the qualities and benefits they will get from your app.

Responsive Search Ads

Eliminate the hassle of writing and selecting the best headline for your ad. Utilize multiple ad variations, adjust to different device types, and save time to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

Product Ads

Promote your products by providing complete product details and custom product images in your ad. Captivate users' interest to shop from your online store and get results, including higher engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Multimedia Ads

Showcase your product/services or directly your brand on Bing and partner platforms by using Multimedia Ads. Pique the user’s interest, drive traffic, and increase sales by showing relevant ads matching the potential customer’s search queries.

Microsoft Audience Ads

Take advantage of Microsoft Audience Ads services and consumer intent signals to deliver visually rich ads to the highly relevant audience only. Target a wide range of audiences, especially B2B, and see a boost in clicks, traffic, and sales.

Dynamic Search Ads

Put your ads in front of the audience using relevant search queries by providing a number of your web page URLs.

Business Social Media Audit

If social media profiles exist, tracking all the profiles (we shall need the credentials to access your profiles), analyzing them, and completing them to set the brand name. Analyzing the posts and current performance of the profiles with respect to likes, comments, sharing, and overall engagements.

Competitor Analysis

Tracking competitor profiles and analyzing them to understand how competitor brands in your niche industry are operating over the social media.

Strategy Creation

Blending the results of competitor analysis with our creativity and innovation and creating a unique strategy for enhancing your social media activities, engagement, and performance.

Social Media Calendar Designing

Designing the social media calendar according to the strategy as regards the post types, themes, and layouts.

Content Creation and Template Designing

Creating content for social media posts (image and caption content) and simultaneously designing the templates for the same in a creative style.

Postings and Scheduling

Working out the social media calendar, scheduling the posts, and uploading them accordingly. This will also include other processes like group sharing, post commenting, community/group creation, personalized communication, etc., running simultaneously.

Analysis and Modifications

Continuously monitoring the posts and engagements, analyzing the performance, and working on modifications to continuously enhance the performance, reach, and engagements.


Reporting on the activities performed and their results with detailed statistics on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis.

Leverage GPT-4-Powered Bing Search for Your Ad Campaigns

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After including ChatGPT in its search engine, Microsoft Bing has been experiencing more than 100 million active users daily, which has boosted its usage and increased user adoption and engagement.   

Microsoft, by using OpenAI’s GPT-4, has prepared itself to compete with Google and is now discussing monetization possibilities to feature AI technology and ChatGPT. By using an advanced model for Bing Chat, it has been made available on multiple platforms, including, Android, iOS, and even the Skype app. 

According to ThinkOrion studies, Bing Ads have a higher click-through rate at 2.83% as compared to Google’s 1.91%. Unlock the power of Bing Ads to skyrocket your business success. Our proficient Bing ads managers assist you with outpacing the competition. Get ahead of the game by maximizing your reach, brand awareness, and user engagement. 

According to WordStream’s research, shopping ads on Bing have a 45% higher CTR than on Google.
If we talk about shopping ads and CTRs, Bing is more successful than Google.Get a higher click-through rate with our Bing ad services and make your online business a success. Have our Bing ad package and enjoy its numerous benefits.

Increased Granular Control
Bing offers granular targeting at the ad group level, easy customization at the ad group level, and the ability to serve different ads based on different time zones so you target the ideal, relevant audience.

Improved Device Targeting
Get access to new and more diverse users by targeting them on a demographic basis. Reach a huge audience with high purchase intent, and continuously attract and convert them by providing the exact or relevant products they seek.

More Transparency and Control
Leverage the flexibility of Bing ads by targeting Bing, Yahoo, and/or search partners (together or individually). Get complete insights into each search partner’s performance, including details on all metrics, from impressions to conversions.

Higher Engagement

Showcase your captivating, relevant ad content on Bing and partner platforms that gravitates audiences toward your brand and engages them with landing pages more intentionally.

Drive More Sales

Reach new and existing audiences on and off Amazon by reaping the benefits of control over your ads We help you control ad campaigns, keywords, placements, and target audiences and get monetary benefits in terms of budget and bidding

Create Brand Awareness

Create brand awareness by making people think about your business, and products, and demonstrating how your brand is different and better than others.

Target Custom Audiences

Create custom audiences for targeting people who have purchased from your site in the past or shown interest in your content/products.

Reach a Wider Audience

Reach 63 million searchers with a specific demographic of customers to get more visibility on the search results page and a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Import Google Ads Campaign

Create a Bing ad account and import your existing Google ad seamlessly in Bing Ads. Save time, money, and effort by avoiding having to recreate ad campaigns from scratch.

The Process We Follow to Provide Bing Ad Services

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Package Selection and Initial Discussion

The process starts with an initial discussion regarding your business, our package specifications, and determining your objectives and budget. We, then, handle the profile setup and licensing after we understand your company and its goals.

Analyzation and Optimization

The second phase includes analyzing your business, competitors, and keywords. Then, we choose a campaign type, refine the search terms, understand the user persona, review your landing page, leverage geo-targeting, and set an average daily budget.

Creation and Launch

Next, we write effective ad copies by adding relevant keywords, a value proposition, media (image or video), and CTAs by optimizing the UET tag to record visitor activity on your site. Now, we launch your campaign by considering your monthly budget.

Tracking and Improvement

The fourth phase includes the performance tracking and improvement of ad campaign. We collect data and user insights and then make necessary changes to improve its performance. This includes examining and optimizing your landing page, keywords, and keyword bids.


Finally, all the data and information are completely put down in the performance report. Such as, all the actions we have taken for your ads, the KPIs we have achieved, and the next month. strategies we have planned to improve the overall performance to get the best results.

Why Meeraqe?

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Unlock New Opportunities

Get the chance to unlock new opportunities for getting a higher traffic rate with us. Attract millions of users from different demographics by utilizing both text and voice searches.

Focused Ads Targeting

Create effective ad campaigns with our ad managers, who focus on reaching specific audiences based on demographics, psychographics, and buying as well as browsing behaviors.

Get in Front of More Customers

Leapfrog business complications by diversifying with Bing Ads. Regardless of business size and budget, our ad managers undertake in-depth analysis to create ads that accentuate your brand and increase sales and ROI.


Group 117

1.Can you provide me with a performance report?

Yes. We create reports for every campaign we run, and we also provide you with a monthly performance report that contains detailed information regarding our Bing Ads campaign.

2.How do you measure the campaign's performance?

With great care, we measure your Bing ad performance using tools like Google Analytics, Hyros, Google Ad Manager, Voluum, and platform-based tools

3.What KPIs do you use to measure the ad campaign performance?

The KPIs we use to measure the ad performance are the actions we take to run the campaign, total ads count, achievements (such as CTRs, impressions, conversions, revenue growth), hours count. It also includes the next month’s strategies we will plan for improvements and how we implement them.

4.How many campaigns can you conduct for my business?

As many as you want or require. However, it depends on various factors, including your budget, needs, and audiences’ responses. For example, if your objective is to increase visibility and sales, we will help you conduct two different ad campaigns. 

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