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Pay Per Click Services

Targeted Advertising that Brings Scalable Results

You are able to get the best value from your advertising budget when your ads perfectly reach out to and engage with your target audience. PPC advertising is a cornerstone in achieving that goal and with the uniquely strategized PPC Services at Meeraqe, you only get the results at a much faster pace. 

Leverage PPC Advertising and Be Where You Need to Be – In the Visibility of Your Target Audience!

In this ever-dynamic business world, where everyone is competing for a digital presence, establishing your presence and value amidst your target audience is a real challenge. You need to be ready to loosen your pocket a bit and run some advertisements. But your ad spends must count, and that’s achieved only when you’re successfully reaching the right audience and engaging with them.


PPC Advertising is the Way to Go in this scenario!


With PPC advertising, you may keep running the ads but you’ll spend only when your ad has reached the right audience. The ad spends are based on clicks and you know that anyone will click on an ad only when they are interested, and that definitely enhances your chances for lead conversions. Moreover, you can select the audience to which your ads shall be shown by marking out different criterions. That adds personalization to your advertisement strategies.


Have these strategies with the creative talents at Meeraqe who hold years of experience in running highly successful PPC ad campaigns.

Bring direct Leads and Sales With PPC Services

    Our PPC Services

    Run amazing ads and market yourself in the best possible ways to increase your website traffic and boost the ROI at scale

    Search Advertising

    Use the right keywords basing your research on the analyzation of the data trails left by your potential customers so that you directly offer your audience what they are most likely to search. With our expert research and data analytics skill blended with the most creative copywriting targeted at specific search keywords, you get the best results from search advertising.

    Display Advertising

    Creating a visual appeal works amazingly in advertisement industry and when you offer these great visuals on top sites in highly conspicuous ad spaces, you have much higher chances of getting the necessary clicks and driving traffic to your site. Achieve that with the most amazing display advertising services targeted directly at users’ search intent and behavior.

    Product Listing Ads

    Product Lists are the most prominent area where people look out for the product and service they want. So, advertising yourself in these lists works as a brilliant strategy. Have the strategy developed creatively and get the most amazing product listing ads over the best platforms by taking our Product Listing Ads Services.

    Why Pay Per Click Advertising?

    PPC advertising comes as a great investment when it’s about lead generation and conversion. You can easily reach out to your target audience and engage better with them with brilliant and creative ad copies. You can know what your audience needs and base your ad copies on the specific consumer behaviors. Such advertisements offer higher value to your audience, and before you know, you’ve earned double, triple, or even higher multiples of your ad spends with excellent lead generation and conversion achieved from targeted and smart advertising.

    PPC Services FAQ?

    We have different packages for all our PPC services. You can explore them and add to your cart the package you feel is best for you. If you’re having a hard time deciding the right package, our team is here to help. You can book an initial consultation and we shall help you select the best package after fully understanding your requirements and expectations from PPC advertising.

    No, there are no set-up fee or other costs involved to begin with our PPC services. All the costs shall be included in your package. 

    Yes, we strictly monitor your ads to see how well they are performing and what measures we can take for enhancing the performance and provide you regular reports so that you stay updated at every stage of the journey and are able to mark the improved sales and returns that you are making with PPC advertising.

    Why Meeraqe?

    We have a wonderful team of experts who dedicatedly serve you for all your needs. From creating attractive and engaging ad copies to running them, monitoring the ad performance and taking steps and measures for improvement, we do it all. With us you will have a complete team that specializes in every aspect of PPC so that you scale and boost your ROI exponentially.  

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